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service worthy of acclaim - without boundaries


Why Ovation?

the purpose

Remember when you knew your real estate agent and they actually called you? Not just an email or SMS, and they knew your property – and how you wanted the sale or tenancy managed?
In an industry fraught with franchised/oversized companies and rotating staff doors door, often your most valuable assets are being managed by a parade of young/inexperienced or complacent agents  - the left hand does not talk to the right. Combine this with the vast legal and financial implications of purchasing/owning/leasing/selling property, and the need for reliable, skilled and professional real estate services is now more important than ever before.  

With over 50 years of combined experience in the property/real estate industries, the Ovation founders identified a marketplace in desperate need of a total, ‘end-to-end’ solution for astute property investors. Most real-estate agencies can only offer very standardised selling/leasing services, and are often impeded by franchise restrictions and regulations. They are also traditionally very closed in their communication of relevant information to clients.

Ovation Real Estate is proudly different and has full control.  Total Control of each crucial phase of your property lifecycles means capitalising your investments and making your money work harder!

Ovation’s mission is to offer an enriched experience and maximised investment results via access to a full complement of personalised property services - free of 'territory' or regional boundaries! Every stage of the process can now be managed in–house, offering a unique, and truly-customised range of services.
Existing areas of expertise are now complimented by the ability to independently lease/ manage and/or sell properties in your portfolio by a specifically selected and exclusive team of real estate experts, and cater for each different stage of the property lifecycle/s. By maximising every stage of development, your investments have come full circle.

What is Ovation?

the premise

Ovation Real Estate offers customised, market-leading professional property management, residential property sales marketing, residential project marketing and general real estate advice.

The services our clients receive are fully-responsive, and we exploit innovative technology in the provision of these services. Our approach is tailored and customised, as every client and their property needs are different.

Where does Ovation work?

the places

Everywhere. The Ovation Real Estate Team benefits from extensive market knowledge and reach throughout the state, and offers unique property solutions from one Peninsula to the other.
From the burgeoning regional markets of Bellarine and Mornington Peninsulas, to the more traditional inner-city and bayside zones in and around Melbourne and Geelong, Ovation can help its valued clients to take greater advantage of these lucrative real estate markets. We have the luxury of being able to manage our services in-house to once again ensure your investments are maximised at every stage, and that you have centralised control of your portfolio.

When does Ovation work?

the pace

Non-stop. Because we understand real estate does not sleep - whether is it a surge of motivation late on a sunday afternoon by a young couple looking at their first home or a broken Hot water service on Christmas Eve.

Ovation offers their clients genuine around-the-clock attention and 7 days a week service. We are not restricted to the standard 9 to 5 office hours, and have access to our full office suite 24 hours a day from anywhere in Victoria. In a world where getting hold of someone physically on the phone is becoming rarer, Ovation believe in being accessible. However you prefer to communicate, we will happily accommodate – whether you are around the corner, miles away, interstate or overseas (phone, email, SMS, web portal, face-to-face, and mail are all welcome).

How does Ovation differ?

the process & provision

We have many more resources than traditional real estate agencies, and can leverage our services by offering access to architects, finance experts, third party marketing, conveyancers, sub-division experts, taxation & depreciation services, and insurance - Ovation is a one-stop shop.

Bringing together a wealth of local Victoria-wide experience, benchmarked client care principles and modern technological platforms, Ovation’s services and approach are the culmination of this extensive industry experience.
•    Extensive knowledge and application of Residential Tenancies Act, Sale of Land Act, VCAT, RTBA and NTD
•    Application of Best Agency Practices and Client Care Standards
•    REIV members bound by legislation, ethical standards & code of conduct
•    Transparent interaction and access to a variety of sales and property management reporting media (online and electronic access to your property campaign/management where possible)
•    Preferential and competitive rates packages and exclusive services access for PSCA and PnP clients

Who is Ovation?

the people

This cutting-edge company was the brainchild of three very experienced property experts, and is led by one of the founders, Nicole Roberts.

Working with our own network of clients, we are incredibly proud of our people and the uniquely diverse resources we are able to draw on.