Standing Ovations

"Our gratitude to you and the team for a great made the process very easy and we felt as though we were part of the team too. Jan is truly elated and planning how to spend the extra money (if she hasnt already!)..-wishing you all the very best for a great year ahead. 

Eric C.

 “Nicole, after the dramas we had with the previous agent, we both wanted to thank you very much for keeping us informed throughout the last few weeks. We are very appreciative and your efforts in resolving the issues have been second-to-none – wish we had made the change sooner!..”

Sue & Peter M.

“Thanks Nic – being new to this whole process, I can safely say you have made the daunting task of leasing the property easier than I thought it would be. You kept me informed every step of the way..!”

Andrew H.

“Thank you for your help, I can't wait for all this to be sorted out and to have my property managed by someone who actually cares.. the difference is phenomenal..”

Rick K.

“ To Ovation and Nicole, Michaela and I wanted to pass on our gratitude for your communication throughout the campaign. We have sold and rented several properties over the years, but this time, we never had to wonder where things were at because you were one step ahead (if not two!). We hope you can use this letter of recommendation to let other future owners know how thrilled we are to have our investment properties managed by you and your team.”

Dylan & Michaela P.

“Thanks Nik – I really appreciate all your efforts & comments on improving the home!!!.....You are a truly dedicated lady, who always goes the extra mile!!!.”

Bill A.

“great to see two of them leased Nic, its really rewarding and so little down-time we are very happy. – 2 down 1 to go! Thanks for going along to the open the other day and giving us your thoughts too, probably the best plan as you will be leasing it if we buy..”

Daniel D.