Meet the Team

Nicole Roberts

Understanding and knowledge comes with experience, and Nicole’s own involvement in over 15 years in the real estate industry means she has worn the hats of many. From landlord, tenant, vendor, and buyer on a personal level; to her previous roles within organisations from employee, employer, franchisee, manager, director and shareholder; Nicole is able to apply this experience and offer her clients a comprehensive approach & unparalleled broad-spectrum service.

A proven tough negotiator and proactive & diligent agent, Nicole demonstrates genuine passion in every facet of her working life. She also knows punctual and relevant communication is paramount, and leads the business with incredible attention to detail.

Her loyal clients have long enjoyed timely & bespoke services, always tailored individually to the clients needs and best interests.

“Its an old adage that real estate is not about houses, its about people, and whilst we tend to focus on the bricks and mortar, the reality is that we are dealing with people in all and varying stages of their lives”.

Truly effective real estate practices rely heavily on consistent, courteous and professional communication with all parties. Understanding the inherent perspectives of a buyer and seller, a tenant and a property owner, and all the intricate variations of these relationships is second nature to Nicole.

Understanding this, we work in with our vendors, property owners and occupants to ensure as smooth a ride as possible. Some clients are very hands-on and value constant communication, others are less emotionally attached and prefer not to be bothered with the day-to-day minor functions. Nicole enjoys working in with owners to ensure that our services and communication strategies are tailored to each client, and she is focussed on helping them achieve their objectives from the outset.